The reasons for the increased demand for heat exchangers for the data processing center

According to the forecast of analysts from Global Industry Analysts Inc., the heat exchangers market will increase to 24.3 billion dollars by 2020. We are talking about all types of heat exchangers, including equipment used in data processing centers (DPC). The driver of this growth will be the technological leap that is associated with decisions aimed at improving the energy efficiency of the equipment.

Analysts agree that the leaders and forwarders of market competition will become the following companies: Alfa Laval AB, Tranter, Xylem, Barriquand Technologies Thermiques, GEA Heat Exchangers Group, Hamon Group, Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers, Hisaka Works, Sondex, Balcke-Dürr SmartHeat, SPX Corporation, GmbH, Vahterus Oy and SPX Cooling Technologies.Another reason for the growth of the market was the high rate of industrialization in developing countries, such as China, Brazil and India. 

Over the past years significant financial recourses were invested in the infrastructure of these countries. These investments covered a wide range of equipment - data center, HVAC systems and heat recovery servers, engineering systems of industrial enterprises and power plants. However, in developed countries, sales of heat exchangers will grow based on planned replacements of equipment and upgrades that can improve energy efficiency. This will allow reducing the excessive operating costs and prolonging the durability of the equipment.

Experts believe that the future belongs to a new generation of heat exchangers with micro-channels on the inner surface. Thanks to this technology the surface area increases and therefore heat transfer also increases. This promising development should be applied in data centers in various industries such as automotive construction, processing companies and others.

The demand to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint indicators in the data center and demand to reduce maintenance costs contribute to the implementation of new effective heat exchangers. Experts predict that one of the factors increasing the demand will be the tendency to achieve high efficiency by the heat recuperation in server data center. Also, emphasis will be placed on systems that do not pollute the environment.

According to analysts, the heat exchangers will be in demand in the European market. This market is the most capacious nowadays. Later, however, it is possible that the Asia-Pacific region will take the palm among the most actively growing markets. The growth rate of CAGR (compound annual growth rate) over the next five years will accounts for 8.9%. Rising incomes, rapid urbanization, the expansion of the industrial base and other factors are the basis for a positive outlook.